CSCI 230 or CSCI 240, which one is right for you?

Thank you for your interest in Computer Science!  CSCI 230 and CSCI 240 are skills acquisition courses that implement problem solving through the use of computers.  Besides forming the foundation of the Computer Science Bachelor of Science curriculum, both courses serve departments across IUPUI to deliver programming and problem solving skills to their majors.

CSCI 230 is designed as a first programming course for students that have limited prior programming experience. The course covers procedural programming using the Java programming language. CSCI 240 is designed as a second course for students with prior procedural programming experience in a language such as Java, C, C#, Visual Basic, etc. The course covers object-oriented programming using the C++ programming language, and builds on the procedural programming skills acquired in CSCI 230. CSCI 240 also covers elementary algorithms and data structures that are important for subsequent courses and production applications. Another feature of CSCI 240 is that it introduces simple graphical user interface (i.e. "windowing") programs.

Which course is right for you? If you have limited programming experience, are unfamiliar with how programs and variables are stored in memory, how to use program control statements, and how to pass parameters you should consider CSCI 230. If you have prior programming experience, are familiar with how computers use memory to execute programs and store variables, and how to use functions with parameters, you should consider CSCI 240. 

The list of topics covered in each course are listed on the source web sites.

CSCI 230 Course Web Site
CSCI 240 Course Web Site

These two courses work together to provide valuable workplace skills and to prepare students for advanced computer science concepts.