Panoramic View

Dr. Jiang Yu Zheng and Professor Saburo Tsuji are the inventors of the world first 360 degree digital Panoramic Image which are widely used today. It is obtained by scanning scenes around through a slit when a camera rotates, that is actually taking one pixel line in each image frame and collecting consecutive lines along the time. Here are some panoramic images taken at the very begining of the invention.

You can also find the campus scene of Kyushu Institute of Technology. The use of panoramic image has been extended from robot scene recognition to environment monitoring and multimedia visualization that realizes virutal tourism.

Generalized Panoramic View along a route

The scanning effect of the panoramic view has been used in taking route views when a camera mounted on a car moves along a certain route. Below is such a view scanned at a park like campus - Michigan State University. It is the projcetion of the scenes to a smooth curved path of the camera. This kind of projection is named dynamic projection image or generalized panoramic view. The function of it is to produce a continuous view with significant data reduction from video sequence. Dynamic projection images along routes will be combined with panoramic view to give a virutal tour of areas. They can also be used in mobile robot route recognition.

Campus route view in the dynamic projection image, named generalized panoramic view, extracted from 15 min. video. The images have been squeezed in size to be put on web.

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